WP (Water treatment Plant)


Treatment provided is the conventional flocculation, sedimentation, chlorination and filtration process which is an effective solution for the removal of suspended particles and organic pollution found in the majority of surface waters in the region. Provided excessive inorganic pollution is not present, extremely high quality potable water is available. Four basic models are available, all with the following features:- High efficiency vertical flow steel plate sedimentation basin. Automatic chemical dosage of Floculant & Chlorine. Options of one or two quality GRUNDFOS or similar filter pumps which provide sufficient pressure for delivery to adjacent clear water tanks. The pumps are fully wired and connected with necessary controls provided. Double filtration through two series connected pressure sand filters. When combined with specially graded filter media the result is especially high quality filtration. Fully automatic operation - the quantity of water produced is automatically regulated by site demand

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Industrial Area, Dundori Road Nairobi

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