WIPEOUT is a non-selective herbicide which is classified as Synthetic aliphatic acid herbicide. it is composed of 360g/lt Glyphosate (acid) equivalent to 480g/lt Salt as the active ingredient.it is a systemic non-selective, broad-spectrum herbicide which has high efficacy on both grasses and broadleaf weeds, and is also used for total weed control (in no-tillage systems) and on pre-plant seedbed preparation. RATES AND METHOD OF APPLICATION: (a) Young succulent weeds: apply 0.5-1.0 litres of Wipeout in a Ha using low volume flood jet nozzle. Do not exceed a spray volume of 100L/ ha. This is equivalent to 200ml/20L water. (b) Actively growing weeds near flowering: apply 1.5-3.0L/ha. This rate is equivalent to 300ml/ 20 litres of water when applied up to 200 litres of spray volume per ha. (c) Maturing weeds: apply 3-6 L/Ha. This rate is equivalent to mixing 600mls/20 litres of water applied up to 200 litres of spray volume per ha. Rate may be increased up to 10L/Ha for the control of star grass. LIMITATION: Do not use Wipeout if rain is expected in 6 hours. Avoid any contact of the spray with Wipeout to no-target plants. PRECAUTIONS: Wear recommended clothing, do not eat, drink or smoke when applying. Wash body, clothes and equipment thoroughly after application. STORAGE: Store in original properly sealed containers, away from children, livestock and feedstuffs. COMPATIBILITY: Wipeout can be tank-mixed with Aurora, this synergizes both products’ efficacy and expands the weeds cover spectrum. Some weeds which are resistant to glyphoste like Comelina spp are effectively controlled. Measure 1L of wipeout, mix in the spray tank, and add 15g Aurora in the required amount of water (200 – 400 lts) and apply in a Ha.

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