VERMITECH is full of beneficial micro-organisms and is essential in replenishing and enhancing biodiversity in both production substrate and soil. Product Specification /Purity. VERMITECH is a high quality vermicompost made of stabilized organic matter obtained from a process of digestion carried out by the worms belonging to the species Eisenia andrei. Application. VERMITECH is to be applied to the soil by incorporation, as a soil amendment and propagation media and by both soil and foliar as a fertilizer. Foliar application will require a solution of water that has been run through vermicompost and the drain collected. Rate/ Dosage. Apply VERMITECH at between 8-12 metric tonnes per hectare as soil amendment, and 25 % of liquid vermicompost as foliar fertilizer or between 350-400 gm/m2 soil applied. And at a ratio of 1:1 as propagation media.

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens fungal pathogens and parasitic nematodes.

Active ingredient(s) Eisenia andrei

Recommended application method Seedling/propagation Dressing

Normal recommended rate using this application method ratio of 1:1

Normal mode of action Preventive

Country of origin Kenya


Naivasha, Nakuru Kingfisher

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