Tordon 101


Tordon 101 active ingredients are Picloram 65g/L + 2,4-D amine, 240g/L. Application rate is 1-2L/ha in 100lit of water. For high volume spray 100-150ml/10 Lit of water. Sensitive Plants Most broadleaved plants are very sensitive to picloram. Care should be taken to avoid spraying desirable broadleaved plants during both growing and dormant periods. Tordon 101 Herbicide, without a drift control additive or approved application system, should not be applied to the foliage of target vegetation near areas planted to crops such as beans (including soybeans), potatoes, tobacco, grapes, tomatoes, flowers, ornamental shrubs and trees or other desirable broadleaved crops. In addition, care should be taken to avoid contaminating soil in which sensitive crops will be grown. Clippings from vegetation which has been treated with Tordon 101 Herbicide should not be used for composting or mulching, nor should the manure from animals grazing treated areas be used around susceptible plants, because picloram residues pass through the animal unchanged and are still herbicidal active.

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