Spraybor , Boron 165 g/Kg


Spraybor cheracteristics; 16.5% Boron Unique pH regulatory system Built-in adjuvant for optimum penetration Free flowing powder formulation Completely soluble in water Compatible with most plant nutrients and pesticides Cost effective More soluble than Boric Acid. SprayBor contains Boron 165 g/Kg. SprayBor is a water soluble micronutrient which combines the benefits of sodium borate and innovative adjuvant chemistry. Target crops include Maize, Lucerne, Potatoes, Onions, Macadamia, Fruits, Sunflower, Cotton, Tobacco, Flowers and Ornamentals. See attached document for more info.

Additional Information

Foliar function Source of Boron

Main ingredients Boron 165 g/Kg

Recommended application methods Soil drench and as a foliar fertilizer.

Is an adjuvant recommended? No, has in-built adjuvant.

Country of Origin Kenya


Sunflag Ind Prk

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