SPOREKILL is grouped as a Quaternay Ammonium Compound (QAC) and contains didecyldimethylammonium chloride as the active ingredient.It acts by denaturing the protein of the microorganism thereby affecting the metabolic reactions of the cell allowing vital substances to leak out of the cell that in turn lead to the death of the organism.It has no residual activity and its Ideal to frequently spray so as to provide best protection and suppression of the organism.It should be applied prior to infection or to assist in the delay spread of infection after disease outbreak. It is compatible with most agricultural spray chemicals but is is advisable to do a mixing test before usage.RATES OF APPLICATION: When it is used for foliar disinfection of fruits and vegetables; apply 50-100 ml, for post harvest disinfection; apply 100-150 ml and leave for 2-5 minutes.For cold rooms and greenhouse; apply 100-200 ml and leave for 10 minutes.PRECAUTION: It is not phyto-toxic at recommended dosages.Avoid contact with the product when mixing with water and do not splash concentrated liquid.It is toxic to the environment as a whole thus should not be released into water bodies and used containers should be cleaned thoroughly and disposed by burying or burning.

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