Santeo 7


The treatment process includes:- Stage 1 – 5mic Sediment cartridge Stage 2 – 1mic Activated Carbon cartridge Stage 3 – 1mic Carbon Block cartridge Stage 4 – Reverse Osmosis membrane Stage 5 – Carbon Rinse cartridge Stage 6 – Mineraliser cartridge Stage 7 – UV treatment All components are enclosed in a compact and stylish housing that reduces contamination from dust and bacteria and installation is simple due to plug type connections. Santeo 7 produces drinking water to the highest taste and purity standards and saves cost by eliminating the need for expensive bottled water in the home. Together with its many advanced operating features there is no better domestic water purifier available. As well as the ability to produce absolutely pure water the following operating features are also included:- l Adjustable mineral level to suit taste preference. l Integrated 17l storage tank for instant supply. l LED lamp display to monitor operating performance and fault conditions. l Built in protection against voltage fluctuation, dry running and auto shut of when system is full. l Integral high performance pressure regulating automatic pump. l Simple cartridge connections for easy replacement

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Industrial Area, Dundori Road Nairobi

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