ROOTGARD is a cocktail of plant useful microorganisms specially formulated with nutrients and enzymes. The microorganisms include Trichoderma spp, Bacillus spp, Pseudomonas spp, Aspergillus spp, Chaetomium spp, Escherichia spp and Azorobacter spp. making Rootgard a very versatile commodity. it maybe used on any crop hosting these pathogens however, when used as a spray,it is advisable to test for phytotoxity with a few plants. ACTIVITY: As a soil treatment (includes broadcast spray, in drip and drench) it will control Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Sclerotium. It will screen off the roots from nematodes and bacterium including those that cause bacterial wilt, as a spray, it will control caterpillars, Diamond Backmoth and Botrytis. it also help in solubilisation of bonded Phosphorous thus making it available to the plant, accelerate decomposition of organic matter and produce growth-promoting substances. RATE AND METHOD OF APPLICATION: it may be used in drip, as a drench, as a spray, as a root dip, as on soil broadcast spray, and as a seed treater on its own or in combi. The rates of use depend on the specific method and crop.

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens fusarium, rhizoctonia, pythium,sclerotium, caterpillar,diamond black moth,botrytis

Active ingredient(s) microorganism +nutrients+enzymes

Recommended application method foliar spray, drench, root dip or soil broadcast.

Normal mode of action contact

Country of origin Kenya


Nairobi Juanco cen

Juanco center,Ngong road/hills

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