Punguza for Septic Tanks is a natural, safe-to-handle, environmentally beneficial food additive solution that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the Septic Tank. As a result of feeding the beneficial bacteria which are suppressed, they become active. When these “good” bacteria are active, they do not produce bad odors and they break up the organic solids. Punguza feeds the “good” bacteria in the Septic Tank which are starving right now. Nature takes over as the good bacteria do their work. That is why the results are not instant and the results are very, very effective – because the process is natural and it is doing what nature intended it to do. If you are not attaining the results, call Revive Solutions Ltd. for advice. We offer a money-back guarantee on Punguza because we know it works so well. It works because nature works. How to use Punguza 1. Shake the bottle well before using. 2. If the Septic Tank is more than half full, or the toilet has a blockage, pour one 60ml bottle of Punguza down one toilet daily for three days. After one week, pour one 60ml bottle of Punguza down one toilet once per month. 3. For maintenance of the Septic Tank, pour one 60ml bottle of Punguza down one toilet once per month. 4. These instructions are for a Septic Tank used by up to 10 people daily. Adjust proportionally for additional users. Direct Benefits of Punguza Eliminates Odors Reduces Flies, Mosquitoes and Other Insects Reduces Solids Unclogs Blocked Toilets

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