The activated potassium in PRIVI NUTRIFIGHT strengthens plants by boosting carbon, Nitrogen, and active oxygen metabolism. The controlled release of phosphorous through various growth stages of crop ensures better plant health and root development thereby enhancing yield and quality of produce. Bio-Active nature of PRIVI NUTRIFIGHT ensures rapid absorption compared to regular phosphates , into the plant system via xylem and phloem. High mobilization of the active ingredient ensures better protection to growing foliage as well as roots. High mobility and prolonged presence of the formulation within plant tissues requires fewer applications. PRIVI NUTRIFIGHT can be used on a variety of crops; cereals , flowers, fruits and vegetables and in plantations.

Additional Information

Foliar function As a stimulant and/or enhancer

Main ingredients mono and D-pottasium of phosphoric acid.

Recommended application methods Foliar Application or as a drench

Recommended application rate by machine 2g/ltr as foliar , 4g/ltr as soil drench.

Recommended application rate by backpack 2g/ltr as foliar , 4g/ltr as soil drench.

Country of Origin Kenya


Mombasa Rd, next to Lukenya Agrovet
Athi-River, Machakos

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