PRF RO creatively uses Reverse Osmosis technology with a principal application for purifying municipal tap water and boasts the following exceptional features:- • Three stage treatment including a carbon/sediment pre-filter, two parallel connected high efficiency RO membranes and a carbon post filter for great taste, the process reducing impurities by up to 98%. • High output flow of up to 120 litres/hr (2l/min) or over 2000 litres per day! • Connects directly on-line so water is available on demand with no tank or water pump required provided sufficient line pressure is available. • Compact design fits in under-sink spaces and high durability Noryl and polypropylene construction provides for years of dependable service. • Supplied complete with all fittings including a special sink faucet and detailed installation instructions for simplified installation OPERATING PARAMETERS Raw Water Quality Raw water must fulfil the following conditions; TDS < 2000mg/l Hardness < 170mg/l Chlorine < 1mg/l Iron < 0.1mg/l Manganese < 0.05mg/l Turbidity < 1NTU Raw water outside these limits must be pre-treated accordingly. Flow Rate Flow rate will vary depending upon raw water quality and system pressure as indicated in the adjacent graph. Flows are given at 0 21 C and will increase with higher temperatures. Membrane Recovery Standard membrane recovery rate is about 25% so for each 100l of treated water output approx 400l raw water supply is required. 0 0 Water Temperature Range: Min 4 C, Max 40 C. Operating Pressure: Min 2.8Bar, Max 5.5Bar. If line pressuresare below the lower pressure limit a booster pump must be used.

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