POTPHOS® is a specially formulated foliar fertilizer with a high mobile Phosphorous content. This triggers the formation of toxins by the plant that fight off a variety of fungi, building up an intrinsic immune system against:- (a) Phytophthora spp. – Late blight in tomatoes and potatoes, (b) Pythium spp. – Damping o on tomatoes and onions; fruit rot and cottony growth on fruits (c) Plasmopora spp. – Downy mildew on grapes (d) Peronospora spp. – Downy mildew on berries. having a high Phosphorous and Potassium content makes it extremely useful in various crop growth stages. CROPS & APPLICATION: Nursery, Transplanting & Growing Stage 30ml Potphos in 20Lt water Tomatoes, Coffee, Potatoes, Vegetables, Ornamentals e.g. roses, carnations and summer owers, Pineapples: 25-30ml/20lt PACK SIZES: 100 ml, 1 litre, 20L

Additional Information

Foliar function it has a high mobile phosphorous content that help trigger the formation of toxins by the plant that fight off a variety of fungi.

Main ingredients NPK 0:50:30

Recommended application methods Foliar application

Recommended application rate by backpack 30ml/20L

Country of Origin Kenya


Osho Complex, Sasio Rd Off Lunga Lunga

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