PL-PLUS is an insecticide that is composed of concentrated spores of the fungus (paecilomyces lilacinus) in a wettable powder formulation. Upon activation, the spores grow and multiply on the target pest, penetrate it and eventually destroy it. Use of Rootgard® in conjunction with PL Plus is recommended as it greatly enhances and increases range of efficacy resulting to a superior crop in quality and quantity. METHOD OF APPLICATION :PL Plus is used in conjunction with a growth medium which is supplied together with the product as a twin pack. Add the growth medium and water into the PL Plus as per label instructions and mix thoroughly. RATE OF APPLICATION: For seasonal crops, apply 2kg per ha at planting (4kg for the single strength PL Plus), For perennial crops, apply 2kg at planting and 2kg every four months thereafter either as a drench or in drip. CONTRADICTION: Although PL Plus may be used in conjunction with synthetic nematicides in a rotation program, care must be taken to allow enough separation time per label instructions because the latter may kill the spores. Copper, compounds containing Copper, and pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB) significantly affect performance and should be avoided. PRECAUTION: Avoid casual and/or careless contact with the skin, ingestion, inhalation or contact with eyes. Wear appropriate protective clothing. STORAGE: The spores will deteriorate at temperatures of –20C and +340C. Store at around 80C +2. Where there is no appropriate storage, order only the quantity required for immediate application. Preharvest Interval is 0-days.

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens plant pathogenic nematodes

Active ingredient(s) Concentrated spores of fungus (paecilomyces lilacinus)

Recommended application method soil drench and drip irrigation

Normal recommended rate using this application method 2kg/ha

Normal mode of action contact and penetration

Country of origin Kenya


Nairobi Juanco cen

Juanco center,Ngong road/hills

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