PERLKA (CALCIUM CYANAMIDE) is a mineral fertilizer that has multiple functions. Other than acting as a fertilizer, it acts as a herbicide used in the control of broad leaved and grass weeds. It is also used as a fungicide to control fungal pathogen by inhibiting sporulation and mycelial growth. It prevents the infestation of fusarium spp, rhizoctonia spp and sclerotinia sclerotiorum and other soil borne pathogens. It is however found to reduce the incidences of diseases below the economic damage threshold but should not be used to replace a particular pesticide/fungicide. It increases activity of microbial enzymes which are indicators of soil fertility making it a good source of Nitrogen. TIMING OF APPLICATION: This depends on the stage of growth of different crops.It should however not be applied too close to sowing or planting as this will damage crops instead, it is recommended to apply the product pre/post emergence and after harvesting with an interval of 2-3 days.The rate of appliction depend with different crops and it ranges from 200-1000 kg/ha.

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Fertilizer function It is a mineral fertilizer with multiple function, used to supply calcium and nitrogen to crops and reduce the incidences of diseases below the economic threshold levels


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