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As people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of conventional synthetic pesticides we are beginning to see a shift to the use of products from natural resources which do not leave harmful residues. Our products are ideal for Integrated Crop Management (ICM) and resistance management strategy. Organix covers the 4 areas of organic farming. Water Conservation – We have Absorber which reduces irrigation frequency by up to 50% ( Enrich soils – Asilee (Ecocert organic certified soil conditioner containing 18 different ingredients) & Earthlee (humate powder) help in improving dilapidated soils at a faster rate ( Enhance Roots – For faster and healthier growth of all plants, Nhance which is a natural seaweed based suspension, ecocert organic certified and helps in transplanting shock and establishing good root systems for all plants ( Safe Pest Control – Achook is neem (Mwarubaini) based insecticde/nematicide which is a safe alternative to synthetic pesticides with a very low pre-harvest interval (PHI) (

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