Nurelle* D 50/500EC


Active Ingredient Cypermethrin 50g/1 t + Chlorpyrifos 500g/1 t (pyrethroid) (organophosphate) ADVANTAGES: A powerful insecticide combination of Cypermethrine and Chlorpyrifos for the control of insect pests in Cotton, Vegetables, Bean~ and Wheat. Commercial and Agricultural. Abroad spectrum insecticide of moderatellow toxicity for reason long control of most pests Being a mixture of two insecticide families, it avoids the need to apply different chemicals and can be used for all pests through out the season. Controls both leaf eating and sap sucking insects and is especially effective where the multi-stage insect forms are present at one time. Gives suppression' of mites and avoids the mite build up associated with pyrethroids It is especially effective late in season where crop canopy is dense and where aerial applications may have difficulty reaching 'under-leaf insects. Gives good 'knock down' effect which combined with its 'residual' action offers minimum 14 days protection. Has excellent 'fumigant' action for control of concealed pests, thus effective when crop canopy is dense. May be applied through conventional ground or aerial application equipment.

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens bollworms, aphids, leaf feeders, spodoptera, aphids, whitflies, cotton stainers

Active ingredient(s) Cypermethrin 50g/1 t + Chlorpyrifos 500g/1 t (pyrethroid) (organophosphate)

Recommended application method Foliar

Normal recommended rate using this application method 0.5 L/Ha

Normal mode of action contact, vapour action, stomach action.

Country of origin Kenya


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