Nobilis Gumboro D78


Dosage and Administration The vaccine is administered in the drinking water. Reconstitution of vaccine The vaccine is presented in vials under vacuum. Measure the correct volume of water for the number of birds to be vaccinated and open the correct number of vials of vaccine under the surface of the water. All containers used should be clean and free from any traces of detergent or disinfectant. Mix thoroughly with a clean stirrer, ensuring that all vials used are emptied. Offer to birds immediately. Use clean cold water, in which chlorine or metals can neither be tasted nor smelt. Administration Water should be withheld before vaccination. Ensure that all medicated water is consumed within 1-2 hours. Turn on mains water when all the vaccine water has been consumed. Always make sure that there is food available when vaccinating. Birds will not drink if they have no food to eat. Try to vaccinate at a time when birds are likely to be drinking, e.g moring time for broilers, when food is in the food tracks. Once the vaccine has been consumed, resume management practices as normal. Packaging Each vial contains 1000 doses. Storage Store at a temperature of 2-8 °C in the dark.

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