NITROSPRAY-PLUS is a foliar feed that is made up of micro-nutrient mix. It is formulated to be used by itself or in combination with other fertilizer mixtures as a foliar feed to supplement soil applied fertilizers during critical growth stages of the crop. It is applied through drip or over-head irrigation or by incorporation into the soil by mechanical means or applied as a foliar feed to supplement exiting soil nutrients.It is very high in nitrogen and its main function is to stimulate growth of all plants while they are still in vegetative growth stages. It is compatible with almost all fungicides and pesticides except those which contain large amounts of copper, sulphur and alkaline materials. To enhance compatibility of multiple tank mixes, Spray-aide is used.RATES OF APPLICATION: Apply 200-400ml/100l of water per hectare of land at spray interval of 7-14 day.

Additional Information

Foliar function it is made up of micro-nutrient mix to correct deficiencies and imbalances.

Main ingredients Potassium Nitrate, Urea, Liq Hygrocombi, Zinc Chelate, Phosphoric acid, Cytokinin

Recommended application methods foliar, soil drench

Recommended application rate by backpack 200-400 ml/100l water

Country of Origin Kenya


Tigoni Centre,Limuru

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