NHCa Delta


NHCa Delta contains Nitrogen 15 % w/w (Ureic 10%, Nitric 5%) Calcium 7% w/w NHCa Delta is a stabilised nitrogen and calcium fertilizer which enhances crop quality, production, rooting and stress tolerance. Ideal for arid and semi-arid areas, soils with high pH, saline soils with high levels of sodium or where quality of irrigation water is poor. NHCa Delta improves yield, quality and fruit homogenity, extending the productive life of the crop, allowing reduction of the conventional nitrogen applications. NHCa Delta stabilizes amine nitrogen. Acting in this way, plants absorb the correct proportions of nitrogen to obtain optimum yield and quality, stimulating rooting processes and flower and fruit development, whilst reducing the excesive vegetative growth, often generated by conventional nitrogen products. Target crops include Tomato, Pepper,courgettes, Strawberry, Floriculture, Cereals, Vegetables, Melon, Watermelon, Leafy vegetables, Potato, Sugarbeet, Carrot

Additional Information

Foliar function Combines highly stabilized N (NH2) with Calcium to give strong root development and to improve quality yield and stress tolerance.

Main ingredients 15% Nitrogen (N - 10% NH2 and 5% NO3); 7% Calcium (Ca); 0.2% Boron (B) w/w

Recommended application methods Foliar application, spray and as a soil drench too.

Country of Origin Kenya


Sunflag Ind Prk

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