Nemathorin 150 EC


Nemathorin provides a good and stable control of cyst, root-knot, root lesion and free living nematodes in ornamentals, showing effective residual control in the soil and growing media. The control activities of Nemathorin remain unaffected by the soil types, soil pH and temperature. It is applied at relatively lower does rates compared to other soil applied nematicides. FACTS Formulation and Active Ingredient NEMATHORIN is an emusifiable concentrate containing fosthiazate 150g/l WHO Classification II (moderately hazardous) Spectrum of Activity NEMATHORIN controls a wide range of nematodes in various ornamental crops. Mode of Action NEMATHORIN acts agains motile larval stages of nematodes in the soil or growing media and prevents their invasion to roots of crops. It inhibits chorinesterase activity in nematodes. Prolonged exposure prevents further damage to roots and results in nematode death. MAIN PRODUCT BENEFITS Quick, Effective and Efficient on all nematodes It has relatively low acute oral toxicity in comparison with other nematicides in current use Favourable ecotoxicological profile No Leaching Problems No adverse effects on soil micro-organisms and resistance to microbial breakdown No accumulation in the environment Harmless to non-target organisms such as predatory beetles, no significant rist to earthworms, no harm to birds and fish Improves yield and quality of crops by preventing damage to roots.

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