MWANZISHI is a greenhouse suitable for farmers who are still new and are willing to engage in greenhouse farming. It has a capacity of holding 1000 plants of any greenhouse crop like tomatoes, french beans, flowers, capsicum onions e.t.c. It is a stand alone type of a greenhouse with ventilation on the roof to enable free flow of air, ensuring a constant supply of fresh air. It comes along with two temperature sensors, two humidity sensors and a gateway that links up the sensors with your mobile phone. This will enable control and monitoring of of the greenhouses from anywhere at any time. FEATURES; this system has the ability to read and log in data from two temperature sensors, humidity sensor and from soil moisture probe. It is also able to actuate one solenoid relay to control water flow in the system, installed visual and sound alarms for extreme conditions, SMS warnings that are initiated by the system to warm about unexpected situations, SMS configuration by the user periodic sms logs to users showing situation at the greenhouse, customer accounts creation and management for individual clients data logging to a web server data visualization on the web using graphs and charts. The construction of the greenhouse comes with 200 microns UV treated 1000 gauge polythene paper, a wooden round pole 4-5 inches in diameter, labour, PE pipe 1", irrigation fittings, sensors and gateway. Its construction takes 10 days.

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