What kind of soils need liming? • Soils whose PH is lower than 6 • Soil whose yield has lowered over the years even after application of fertilizers To ensure self-sufficiency in staple food production in Kenya and East Africa, we need to arrest the situation. How? Liming is the solution. Chemical composition MINERAL MIN (%) Calcium carbonate 87 magnesium <1 Calcium 35 CCE 70 Application Tonnage Requirements The amount of lime applied is proportional to neutralizing value and particle size distribution. When lime is applied to soil its effect is mostly obvious at the 5th-6th week. These effects continue to be experienced over the years to at least the 3rd year. Finer particles say less than mesh 100(150microns) show speedy raise in PH over the first few weeks. Coarser particles on the other hand say, more than 50mesh (300 microns) continue to react with the soil over time for up to 2-3yrs after application. *One should only apply lime after checking the pH of the soil. The following is a recommendation of MEL lime application pH TON/HECTARE TON/ACRE 4.5 15 6 5 12 5 5.5 9 3.6 6 6 2.4 6.5 3 1.2 WHY MEL LIME? • MEL has high quality quarry deposits of both Limestone and Dolomite • MEL provides for research back up and good agricultural understanding in our country making it a leader in the back • MEL provides a superior particle size distribution coupled with strict quality control measures at all points of production • The neutralizing value of our products offers a cost effective source of lime to farmers in Kenya and East Africa in general. • We offer competitive pricing

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