Maxim XL


ABOUT MAXIM XL MAXIM® fungicide seed treatment for control of seed and soil borne diseases causing damping off in maize caused by Fusarium spp. and Pythium spp. FACT SHEET Mode of Action Fludioxonil is a broad spectrum contact fungicide with residual activity. It has a contact and partly penetrant activity. Metalaxyl-M penetrates the seed coat and is systematically translocated to all parts of the plant during germination. Spectrum of Activity Fludioxonil controls economically important diseases caused by fungi in the class of ascomycetes, basidiomycetes and fungi imperfecti. Metalaxyl-M controls economically important diseases caused by fungi in the class of Oomycetes. Crop Tolerance When used as recommended MAXIM® is well tolerated by maize seeds and seedlings. In case of doubt check crop tolerance first. When used in mixture with any product, the crop safety of the mixture must be checked before large scale application. IPM Fitness As a seed treatment the product fits well into IPM ruled crop protection schemes. Diseases that MAXIM XL targets include Pythium spp., Fusarium spp. and seed rot fungi. It is fully compatible with CRUISER®, DIVIDEND®, APRON STAR® and other high-value seed treatment products. KEY BENEFITS · Unique mode of action · Protects the genetic potential of maize · Broad spectrum disease control · Excellent crop and seed safety · State-of-the-art safety profile for consumer, users and the environment · Reduced risk classification by EPA · Easy-to-apply formulations · Proven track record in many crops, in many conditions, in many countries · High product image in the global seed industry · Farmers rely on it starting their crops · Global registration for the global maize seed trade · Peace of mind in seed safety and treated seed carry-over

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens Fusarium spp. and Pythium spp.

Active ingredient(s) Fludioxonil

Recommended application method Seed Dress

Normal mode of action Contact

Country of origin Kenya


Nairobi Rose Avenu

Rose Avenue Avenue 5 Building, 6th Floor

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