Mamba 360 SL


Mamba 360 SL active ingredient is Glyphosate 360g/L. Application rate is 3-4 L/Ha. ADVANTAGES: Has an all-round effectiveness, being absorbed through the foliage and translocated through out the plant finally accumulating in the growing tissues. . It is non-selective and has no residual activity or persistence in the soil and offers no pre-emergency activity, thus crops can be seeded directly into the treated area. Effectively eradicates hard to kill weeds such as sedges, kikuyu grass, couch grass, star grass. It is environmentally friendly - does not accumulate in the soil or food chain. Spraying the product saves time and money for other jobs required for cultivating to kill weeds. When used on zero tillage, it conserves soil moisture and structure and structure thus preventing erosion and crop loss. Does not affect the mature brown back of tree crops. 'Mamba 360 SL kills weeds, right to the Roots'

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