Lumax 537.5 SC


FACT SHEETS Active Ingredients Lumax is a combination of: - 375 g/l S-metolachlor (longest lasting, safest acetanilide) - 37.5 g/l Terbuthylazine herbicide (reliable, contact and residual) - 125 g/l Mesotrione (new Syngenta technology) Formulation Susplo-Emulsifiable (SE) WHO Classification III Packaging 5 Litres Mode of Action S-metolachlor is mainly taken through the shoots of germinating plants and seedlings. Weeds are therefore killed before emergence or shortly after emergence. Root uptake is less pronounced and much lower than shoot uptake. Atrazine can be taken up by the roots and leaves. Rates of Application Apply 4 Litres/ha Targets Annual broad leaf weeds and grasses Main Crops Sugarcane and Maize KEY BENEFITS Breakthrough one-pass solution for sugarcane which offers new standards of crop safety and meets the challenge of season-long control of broad leaf weeds and grasses. Control of all important annual broadleaf and grass weeds in corn, including weeds resistant to ALS inhibitor, triazine and glyphosate herbicides. One application, pre-emergence or early post-emergence, will give season-loong control through to canopy closure. Excellent safety to corn. Safety to key rotational crops; soybeans, cereals and sorghum. Easy to use liquid formulation. Flexibility to use on all corn hybrids and all soil types Low rate of triazine to meet latest regulatory conditions and rotational considerations.

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