LIQUICOP is a Copper Ammonium acetate 312 g/l. This is equivalent to 30 g/l metallic acts as a fungicide and bactericide for the control of diseases in beans and coffee by inactivating enzymes and denaturing proteins. TIMING OF APPLICATION: As a preventative spray, it should be applied when a disease is anticipated.e.g. In managing coffee diseases, start spraying before the rains and continue with the rains.when sprayed when the disease is well established, Liquicop will not give better results. It is compatible with many fungicides and insecticides at a pH of 6-7.It should however not be used with acidifying agents or phosphorous agents and with products that have an alkaline reaction (Bordeaux mixture).it is therefore recommended that Liquicop be added last in a spray mixture and a compatibility test be carried out before mixing is done.It has no phyto-toxicity has it contains a highly soluble copper at 8%. RATES OF APPLICATION:For the control of bacterial blight in beans, apply 2.5l/ha or 100 ml in 20 litres of water. It should be applied when the crop is 15-20cm high and a repeat of this should be done at a spray interval of 10-14 days depending on the disease pressure. To prevent coffee berry disease; apply 4l/ha or 160ml/ 20 litres of water.To control coffee leaf rust, apply 180ml/20 lts of water.Spray interval is 14-21 days depending on the disease pressure. Pre-harvest interval is 14 days with a Maximum residue levels of 20-59 mg/kg

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens Bacterial blight and coffee berry disease

Active ingredient(s) Copper Ammonium Acetate 312 g/l

Recommended application method Foliar application

Normal recommended rate using this application method 2.5-4l/20L of water

Normal mode of action preventive action

Country of origin Kenya


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