LARVEX is a mosquito larvicide that is composed of vegetable oil derivatives. the oils forms a mono layer film over stagnant water bodies. MODE OF ACTION: Larvex is not a toxicant. Its mode of action is physical. it has a strong water surface action (surfactant) which causes the wetting of the interior of the respiratory trumpet of mosquito larva and pupa thus allowing the entry of water which suffocates and drowns them. The mono-layer also forms a preventive barrier against female mosquito oviposition. it can be applied in clean water bodies like domestic water tanks,pools, ponds, dams and lakes and in dirty water systems ans sewers. RATES AND METHODS OF APPLICATION: (1) Clean water bodies – the rate of use is 0.5mls per m2 (5 litres per hectare). It is self-spreading and requires no application equipment. Pour the appropriate quantity of onto the water surface. It will quickly spread to cover the entire water surface. When dealing with large water bodies such as dams and lakes, pour the measured dosage at a number of points around the water body. (2) Sewers and polluted areas – the rate of use is 1ml per m2 poured at a number of points around the water body. Where there is abundance of weeds, and other vegetative growth a sprayer to inject the product onto the water surface may be necessary. FREQUENCY OF APPLICATION: During the breeding season first repeat after 7 days and then after every 3 weeks. This will effectively break the mosquito breeding cycle. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Larvex is a non-toxicant and does not affect marine life (fish etc). It is biodegradable and does not accumulate in the environment. It is therefore environmentally friendly.

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