Kupakula Nutrition Formula


It is designed for livestock with a high protein requirement, for “steaming” in the last two weeks of pregnancy and for livestock consuming moderate to low quality pasture. KUPAKULA™ NUTRITION FORMULA provides energy and protein in a form directly utilized by the animal (by-pass protein and fat). Therefore, the benefit from Kupakula Nutrition Formula is four- fold: High energy, which supports higher production even in dry periods. Vitamin A, for the protection of the cow’s epithelial integrity and against diseases. High quality protein, (by-pass protein at 44 %) for enhanced production during dry periods. The amino acid profile closely resembles the requirement for livestock and includes methionine and lysine which are essential in improving livestock production. Kupakula nutrition is ideal for farmers who: Want to maintain output in production during dry periods (when pasture is insufficient) using a high protein supplement that is extremely palatable, and maintains controlled daily consumption. Need to supply additional protein to livestock feeding on lower protein pastures. Desire to increase pasture utilization by combining a balance of energy and by-pass protein sources to help maintain cattle during drought and enhance production. SPECIFICATIONS Nutrient Contents (Each 1 kg contains): Protein minimum : 42% By pass Protein : 44% of Protein Fat : 4% Methionine : 0.50% Lysine : 0.50% Metabolic energy : 11.6 MJ/Kg Indications This product is designed for beef cows, sheep and goats during drought and/or for maintenance and basic production. The product is also suitable as a supplement for cattle with high protein requirements (Replacement heifers, gestating cows and rapidly growing calves). USAGE Dairy Cows Add Kupakula Nutrition Formula daily to feed as recommended below: Each cow 400gm per day Each heifers and calves 200 gm per day Each sheep and goat 80 gm per day

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