KADOGO is a greenhouse that is suited for farmers with small idle farms or plots that they wish to commercialize. Most farmers are usually faced with lack of capital to put up a greenhouse and as a result, this type of greenhouse package has been developed so as to curb the "lack of capital" hurdle. One can plant any crop of choice e.g. tomatoes, capsicum or any horticultural crop. It takes up-to 600 plants. It is strong, affordable, and resilent as compared to other greenhouses in the market of the same size.Packages: 200 microns UV treated 1000 gauge roofing polythene paper, wooden round poles 4-5 inches in diameter, timber 3 by 2 for roofing, driplines of 30cm spacing and 16cm in diameter, water disk filter 1" diameter, PE pipe 1", irrigation fittings, rubber connectors, PVC pipes and construction labour. It takes 6 days to complete construction.

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