Illuminum Greenhouses Farmers kits metalic


Metallic greenhouses are different from wooden due to the nature of their supporting structure which is made up of galvanized metal. This allows these structures to last longer than wooden structures. We understand that there is a need to provide longer lasting solutions and we have adapted our innovation to fit into metallic greenhouses. We offer a range of options as shown below; Kadogo Metallic: 8M by 15M: (incl. of 1000 Liters water tank) Mwanzishi Metallic: 8M by 30M: (incl. of 1,000 Liters water tank.) Mzoefu Metallic: 16M by 30M: (incl. of 2,300 Liters water tank.) The costs include the following materials; Metallic frames. Polythene (1000 gauge 200 microns). Galvanized steel plant support structure Drip irrigation kit (16mm). Irrigation fittings. Water tank. Installation fee.


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