Illuminum Greenhouses Farmers kits wooden


Dimensions: 6M by 30M Height: 3M-3.5M Number of plants: 1,000plants Duration of Construction: 1 week “Mwanzishi” Swahili for starter, is the perfect starter kit for an aggressive farmer with the zeal to venture into greenhouse farming. Mwanzishi enables the farmer to plant more plants thus giving a better yield capacity than Kadogo greenhouse. This is a stand alone structure with an upper ventilation to allow for proper air circulation while ensuring temperatures are maintained within the required limits making one of the leading greenhouses in Kenya. Cost includes; Greenhouse Polythene 1000gauge 200microns Drip irrigation system Irrigation fittings. Water filter Insect net Timber structure (with plant support system) Installation Labour


Ground Floor UG-8, Bishop Magua Centre, opposite U