HYGRO-BUFF SL is is an adjuvant that contains an organic acid buffer system 497g/l and alkyl polyoxyethylene 85 g/l that acts to keep the pH of the spray tank at optimum level and ensures the stability of chemicals being sprayed. It maintains good compatibility and reduces the surface tension of spray droplets.Its use also help in keeping the nozzles and pumps clean.It can be used on a wide range of products and combinations but it is advised to try a small portion before full-scale use of the product. It has slight acidifying properties,therefore pH strips should be used to determine the pH of the spray tank before addition of any chemicals and buffer. RATES; Use 100ml/100l of water until the desired pH is attained. TIMING: Add hygro-buff until the pH of water is stable then add pesticide.MIXING: Take the pH of the water first to determine how much of the buffer will be needed, then add the buffer at 100ml/100l of water. PRECAUTION: It is harmful if swallowed and irritates the skin and eyes when in contact. STORAGE: Store in the original container in a cool, dry, well ventilated place away from frost and direct sunlight. Keep away from food,drink and animal feed ans out of reach of children.

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