HUMAX is composed of 80% Humic acid extracted from high quality leonardite. The humic acid consists of a mixture of complex macro-molecules having polymeric phenolic structures with the ability to complex and chelate with metals. it is applied to the soil to enhance the soil features by correcting human defieciency,enhance nutrient uptake, improves water holding capacity,increases aeration, improve tilth and workability and stimulate the activity of the beneficial micro-organisms. RATE AND METHOD OF APPLICATION: Humax is recommended at 2gm per litre of water as a drench or topical soil application. In drip, the recommended rate of use is 4kg per hectare. Humax may be used in mixture with other products to enhance their activities. It is for example used with Rootgard in a seed treater or drench solution. MIXING DIRECTION: Addition of water into Humax and vise versa may cause clotting and render the mixture difficult to apply. The proper mixing procedure is to first make a smooth thick mixture by additing a small quantity of water into the Humax slowly as you stir vigorously. This thick smooth mixture is then poured into the required water volume and stirred to obtain a homogeneous mixture. PRECAUTION: Humax is non-toxic. However, the extra fine powder easily flies around. Avoid eye contact and inhalation of the powder by wearing appropriate protective gear. STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place in the original container. Preharvest interval; O-days

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