Hipra-Pox is a vaccine used to prevent fowl pox in poultry; layers, chicken, breeders and turkey. VACCINATION PROGRAMME; Chicken can be vaccinated from day 1, layers and breeders vaccinated between the 8th and 12th week of age, turkeys are vaccinated from day one. In areas of high risk of disease, the vaccination can be administered on the day of hatching, revaccinating before the laying period. After 7-10 days post vaccination, one or two nodules should appear at the injection site which should transform into a scab indicating that the bird has been vaccinated. The scabs are supposed to disappear within 2-3 weeks of vaccination. ADMINISTRATION: Puncture or Scarification. 1 dose/ Bird either chicken, layer, breeder and turkey. Reconstitute the freeze dried tablet in the solvent included (1000 doses). Shake gently until complete resuspension of the freeze dried tablet before administration. Dip the two prolonged needle, which is included in the vaccine solution. For chickens layers and breeders extend their wing membrane, apply carefully the vaccine by puncturing the membrane in a manner that does not provoke lesions in the blood vessels. The needle must be freshly impregnated with the vaccine solution when performing each administration. For turkeys one drop of the vaccine solution will be applied by follicular scarification in the thing. Storage: store at +2 to +8 0 C, protected from light.

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