HEADLAND ZINC 69 is a ready to use liquid containing 700g/l (39.89% w/w) Zinc. It contains an advanced surfactant/suspension system to ensure rapid and even dispersion in the spray tank and superior adhesion to plant foliage.Zinc is used by plants in conjunction with other essential nutrients for stimulation of various enzymes, its deficiencies severely interferes with the process of photosynthesis in plants. Sandy soils, soils high in phosphate levels and high pH are found to limit the availability of Zinc, with low temperatures and wet conditions limiting its uptake by crops. It is compatible with many spray applied agricultural chemicals hence can be used as a mixture. TIMING OF APPLICATION: For cereals, it should be applied from the 3-leaf stage. Oil-seed rape and leaf and root brassicas; apply from the 4-5 leaf stage. Peas and beans; apply from the commencement of flowering. Potatoes; apply from full emergence. Vegetables, tea, coffee and other crops; apply when the plants have developed sufficient foliage to intercept and retain the spray. Best results are obtained when the spray is done early in the morning or evening when moisture is present in the plant. It is advisable not to apply in extreme temperatures i.e very bright sunlight or when the crops are under drought/stresses. RATE OF USE: Apply 1 ltr/200 litres of water per hectare of land with a spray interval of 10-14 days.It is however advised not to apply more than 5l/ha per crop per season. This should all be done after a tissue analysis test have been done. APPLICATION: Shake the container well before opening and use. Half fill the spray tank with clean water, begin agitation and add the required amount of Headland Zinc 69. Add the rest of water and apply immediately without delay maintaining agitation while spraying.The use of Headland Guard 2000 at 0.1% is recommended to improve spray retention and rainfastness. STORAGE:Protect from direct sunlight or near direct sources of heat and frost. PRECAUTION: Keep away from food, drink and animal feed and out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Foliar function It is used to correct deficiencies and imbalances of Zinc on crops

Main ingredients 700g/l (39.89% w/w) Zinc.

Recommended application methods Foliar application

Recommended application rate by backpack 1L/200L Water

Country of Origin Kenya


Tigoni Centre,Limuru

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