HEADLAND THIO-S is made up of Sulphur 25.5% w/w and Ammoniacal Nitrogen 11.9% w/w. sulphur is an intergral part of amino acids and help develop enzymes and vitamins while Nitrogen is essential in leaf growth and vegetation.It is physically compatible with many agricultural applied spray chemicals.RATES OF APPLICATION: This ranges with different crops i.e. For Cereals; Apply 3-5 litres/ha at GS30-31 and repeat at 10-14 day interval. For Oil-seed Rape; Apply 5-10 litres/ha at stem extension and repeat at 10-14 day interval and should not be applied during flowering. For Potatoes; Apply 5 litres/ha at or shortly after 100% emergence and repeat at 10-14 days interval. For Sugar Beet, beans and peas; Apply 5 litres/ha at the 4-6 leaf stage and repeat at 10-14 day interval. For Market brassicas; Apply 5 litre/ha when the crop has 4-6 leaves and repeat at 10-14 day interval. For Onions, leeks, carrots; Apply 5 litres/ha when the crop is 15 cms tall and repeat at 10-14 day interval. For Maize; Apply 5 litres/ha when the crop has 4-8 leaves and repeat 14 days later. For Grass for silage; Apply 10 litres/ha 4 weeks before the first (or second) cut.All these should be mixed with 200 litres of water per hectare of land. MIXING AND APPLICATION: Shake the container well before opening and use.Half fill the spray tank with clean water, begin agitation and add the required amount of headland thio-s.Add the rest of water and apply immediately maintaining agitation while spraying and moving.It is advisable however not to spray in bright sunlight or when there is rain/imminent rain PRECAUTION: Keep away from food, drink and animal feed and out of reach of children; wear protective clothing while spraying.STORAGE: Protect from frost and direct sunlight.

Additional Information

Foliar function it is composed of sulphur and nitrogen used to correct there deficiencies and imbalances in crops

Main ingredients Sulphur 25.5% w/w + Ammoniacal Nitrogen 11.9% w/w

Recommended application methods Foliar application

Recommended application rate by backpack 5-10l/200L water

Country of Origin Kenya


Tigoni Centre,Limuru

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