HARDI C-8, C-5 and C-1.5


HARDI C-8 and C-5 Compression sprayers are compact, easy to use and built for professional pesticide application. Capacity is 8 or 5 litre. The pump assembly is removed to fill the tank. To spray, the pump is used to pressurize the tank. Spraying is controlled from the trigger valve. A graduated 250 ml measuring jug is standard. Pre-packed service kits are available and the components tolerate most mineral-based products. HARDI C-1.5 Compression sprayer is a handy 1.5 litre general-purpose household sprayer. To fill, the pump assembly is unscrewed from the tank. To spray, the pump is used to pressurise the tank. Over-pressurizing the tank is not possible. Spraying is controlled from the quick acting trigger valve. The spray pattern can be adjusted from 45° cone spray to solid stream. Maximum spray reach is 5 m. Spray quality is from a fine mist to coarse drops. Compression sprayers consist of a tank, with up to 8 litre liquid capacity, pump for pressurizing the sprayer and spray lance. They are: • Ideal for small areas. • Ideal for areas that are difficult to access. • Excellent for spot spraying as you only need to concentrate on directing the nozzle. • Ideal under difficult conditions. The user has one hand free. • Easy to carry as they weigh less. • In need of frequent refills.

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