GREENHOUSE SENSORS are digital sensor gadgets that their use is dubbed "mkulima hodari". It aims at helping farmers juggle between farming and other chores as they send signals via SMS informing the farmer on the status of the greenhouse even while away from the farm. It ensures low costs of managing the greenhouse as it help keep low the water bills by conserving water and provides virtual greenhouse maintenance. FEATURES: SMS control of water valve; this enables full control of the water valve during watering of the plants. The valve opens and closes when the system receives command via SMS. The SMS commands are documented in the sms command section of the user manual. SMS Queries; this is the SMS base copability for sending the credit balance and the data bundle balance when queried by the user. Humidity sensor; this sensors gives the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse at any time. Soil moisture sensor; it consist of two moisture probes that give the percentages of wetness when inserted into the soil. LCD display; used to display the current status of the greenhouse environment and any issue that may require urgent attention. Solar panel; the greenhouse is powered by a 18W solar panel and battery enabling the sensors to run for up to 5 days with no sunlight, this makes the system more reliable, durable and can be used anywhere in the country.

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