Folio Gold 5375 SC


FACT SHEET Active Ingredients 37.5g/lt Mefenoxam+ 500g/lt Chlorothalonil An innovative fungicide mix developed and introduced in order to improve the control in the key plant diseases like downy mildew,botrytis and white rust. Active ingredient 37.5g/ltr Mefenoxam + 500g/ltr chlorothalonil Formulation Soluble concentrate (SC) WHO classification III Packaging 2 litres Mode of action Mefenoxam is a systemic fungicide which is rapidly taken up by the green plant part (within 30 min.) transported upwards in the sap stream and is distributed thus provides control of fungi from within the plant. Chlorothalonil provides a protective film over plant surfaces hence inhibits germination of the spores. Rates of application Apply at 2.0 – 2.5 ltrs/ha Targets Fungi Main crops Ornamentals KEY BENEFITS Optimised efficacy Improved user safety Easy to handle and dispose Perfect storage conditions

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens fungi

Active ingredient(s) 37.5g/ltr Mefenoxam + 500g/ltr chlorothalonil

Recommended application method Foliar

Normal recommended rate using this application method 2.0-2.5 ltrs/ha

Normal mode of action systemic and residual fungicide

Country of origin Kenya


Nairobi Rose Avenu

Rose Avenue Avenue 5 Building, 6th Floor

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