EVERGROW Organic Fertilizer


Evergrow is the latest addition to the Farm Star line of high-quality agricultural inputs. It is an organic fertilizer that will do great with a range of crops, especially legumes and vegetables. BENEFITS · Improve yield · Enhance soil health, boost organic matter, and humus · Enhance tolerance of crops against disease and pests · Works well with chemical fertilizers like DAP How much should I use? Recommended to use 400kg - 1000kg per acre as a basal application at planting time. What crops can I use this on? Farm Star’s Evergrow organic fertilizer is effective in growing any crop - vegetables, flowers, tea, maize, tree seedlings, etc. Recommended for legumes, vegetables and potatoes. Quality and Safety Plant material, minerals, and treated biosolids are combined and composted to create our high-quality organic fertilizer. The heat generated in our thermophyllic aerobic digestion process eliminates harmful pathogens to make the product safe to use. After the processing period, the fertilizer cures and stabilizes and is then screened to produce the finished product. The quality and safety of our fertilizer is tested by independent laboratories using ISO certified processes. Organic Fertilizer Composition Nitrogen (N) >1.0% Phosphorus (P) >0.4% Potassium (K) >0.5% Calcium (Ca) >1.3% Carbon (C) >15% C/N Ratio 20:1 Organic Matter >20% Inert Materials 3% Moisture >25% pH 6.5 - 8.5 Manganese (Mn) >200ppm Iron (Fe) >1200ppm Zinc (Zn) 850ppm Copper (Cu) 100ppm Boron (B) 20ppm

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