DOLMAX is mined from high quality dolomite in Kenya. It is a fine grade powder with about 80% of the material less than 150 microns (0.15 mm) and 6% less than 45 microns (0.45mm). Its high quality results in greater solubility and faster reaction in the soil and maximum availability of magnesium and calcium to plants. Chemical Properties; Dolmax is a combination of calcium and magnesium in the form of carbonates in the recommended ratio of 2:1. Element Form % in Dolmax. Calcium Oxide 32 Magnesium Oxide 16 Manganese Oxide 0.02 Aluminium Oxide 0.44 Iron Oxide 0.31 Potasium Oxide 0.01 Sodium Oxide 0.09 Silica Oxide 2.60 Titanium Oxide 0.03 The loss of magnesium and calcium arise out of consumption of pastures and crop harvest removals from the soil and milk production in animals. The non-application of magnesium and calcium fertilizers in intensively farmed lands renders them deficient while applications of lime fertilizers with base elements such as potassium tend to displace calcium and Magnesium from the soil through drainage water. In some soils, deficiency of magnesium and calcium may be inherited from the parent rocks. Calcium and magnesium losses result in lower farm production of both animals and crops. Without magnesium leaves turn yellow and photosynthesis ceases. In order to improve productivity in such cases, application of DOLMAX is the best alternative.

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