Derby 175 SC


Derby 175 SC, a post emergence herbicide which by root and foiliage absorption controls important broad leaf weeds. Derby 175 SC contains two active ingredients in cereals; Florasulam 75g/L, Flumetsulam 100g/L. Florasulam and Flumetsulam are members of the Triazolopyrimidine Sulfonanilide family. Both of them inhibit the Plant enzyme Actolactate Synthase CALS). The inhibition of ALS enzyme results in a number of distinctive whole plant symptoms. Growth in sensitive species is retarted within a matter of hours after the application, but visible effects may not be observed for several days, Florasulam and Flumetsulam possesses soil and foliage activity. In rainfed small grain crops, due to the prolonged weeds emergence andthe relatively short residuality of both compounds, the foliage activity is expected to be predominant. In irrigated crops, due to one flush emergence of the weeds and early application stage, the soil and post emergence activity will be equally important. APPLICATION RATE Early application 50 mls/Ha (2-4) leaf stage Late application Increase rate to 60 mls, (Maximum 70 ml/Ha) on mature weeds. Air application Apply at a higher rate of 60-70 rnls/Ha plus a wetter when application is done by air, Delayed application :It is recommended DERBY*be tank - mixed with ARIANE Herbicide. Use 30 - 50 mls DERBY plus 1It~E*

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