Genie™ DeKompakt


MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Half ll tank to the required volume of water 2. Add the required amount of GenieTM DeKompakt 3. Add appropriate amount of wetting agent as per manufacturer’s instruction 4. Fill the remainder of tank with water and maintain agitation Product pH: 3 - 4 Specific Gravity: 1.35 – 1.38 STORAGE: Do not store product in direct sunlight. Do not store product in temperature below 5°C APPLICATION GUIDE Apply through boom spray, liquid injection, aerial or overhead irrigation. DO not apply when conditions are extremely hot. Best applied in the temperature range of 5 – 25 °C. COMPATIBILITY: Product may be compatible with herbicides and insecticides, please check with supplier. Please be aware that physical compatibility does not guarantee product efcacy. VOLUME / MASS : 1000 Litres / 1350 KG

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