D3/8WL Installed directly on the raw water supply line, a hydraulic motor pump uses the water flow as its energy source. This pump in turn activates the dosing piston. Particular benefits are:- • Fully automatic operation with dosage directly proportional to flow. • Simple to install and no external power source required. • Highly accurate and consistent dosage externally adjustable as required. • Accommodates large dosage ranges OPERATING CONDITIONS Feed Water: Thin, clean non aggressive liquids without fibres or particles pre-filtered to atleast 300 micron (50 mesh). Pre-treatment is required for feed water with higher levels of suspended solids. Chemical Concentrate: Thin, clean chemicals including most acids, alkalis and polymers for standard units. Special models are available for aggresive and viscous chemicals and can be specified on request. Operating Water Temp: Min 5 C - Max40 C Average Dosage Accuracy: +/-5% Repeatability: +/-3% (API standard) Suction Performance:self-priming, max4m 0 Viscosity: PV kit required above 200 cSt at 20 C and max with PV kit 400 cSt perating pressures.

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