CLEANSTART contains Rootgard®, Phosgard®, Humax® and Natural wet® in small packs enough for 20 litres of water-treatment solution. The cocktail created by mixing these components in 20 litres of water is used for seed treatment, soil drench or root-dip to give the plant a clean start. it is used to control most soil-borne diseases such as pythium, fusarium, sclerotia, rhizoctonia etc, Shields the plant from nematodes especially the RootKnot nematodes, Shields the plant from bacteria such as pseudomonas solanacearum that causes Bacterial wilt, Controls Downey mildew (Alternalia spp) and Late blights (Phytopthora spp) and Provides essential macro and micronutrients for proper root establishment. RATES AND METHOD OF APPLICATION: Empty the two bottles of Rootgard into the treatment vessel then add 20 litres of water followed by the Phosgard (one bottle) and Natural Wet. Empty the contents of the Humax bottle into a separate small vessel and add water slowly as you stir until you obtain a smooth mixture. Pour this into the treatment vessel and mix thoroughly (Adjust proportionately the product quantities where less water is used) The mixture is then used to: (1) Dip seed pieces such as potato tubers, cuttings during planting. (2) Dip the root zones of seedlings and transplants such as tomatoes, bananas,000cabbages, capscums, cucarbits, passion fruit, avocados, pineapples pyrethrum,000ornamentals, etc during planting. (3) Drench nurseries immediately after seeding. (4) Treat seeds such as beans, peas etc just before planting. Seeds are added into the mixture until the entire content is coated on them. (5) Drench planting holes of all types of plants. (6) Drench the root area of growing susceptible plants such as avocadoes, tomatoes, ornamentals, bananas etc. (7) Drench 30mls of mixture per plant to susceptible established passion fruit, every 3 - 4 weeks. (measure 30 mls using the empty Phosgard or Humax container and cut at the shown mark). Preharvest Interval: is 0 (zero)

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