CalFlux allows plants to absorb and maintain calcium in those parts of the plant that suffer from deficiency symptoms, particularly the fruit, such asBlossom End Rot (BER), internal browning, bitter pit, tip burn and black heart. CalFlux gives better cellular wall structure, improving the size, quality, homogeneity and colour of fruit and produce. CalFlux helps plants effectively use calcium while under stress caused by poor environmental conditions, such as temperature extremes, excess or limited water, poor or high light conditions and salinity, that would normally lead to flower / fruit loss. The unique formulation ofCalFlux gives greater flexibility in its use and improvement in plant responses to calcium, compared to other fertiliser treatments. Advantages of CalFlux • Avoids physiological disorders • Improves growth under environmental stress conditions • Improves fruit shape and crop homogeneity • Formation and maintenance of a higher number of flowers and fruits • Better firmness, quality and shelf-life of the harvested product • Improves plant tissue resistance to fungal pathogens • Optimised formulation makes it a perfect partner for tank mixing

Additional Information

Foliar function Promotes Calcium absorption and retention.

Main ingredients Calcium 5% w/w Zinc 1% w/w

Recommended application methods Foliar application, spray

Country of Origin Kenya


Sunflag Ind Prk

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