The Calciprill granule is easily and quickly dissolved by water in the soil and its spread with the soil water ensures rapid and efficient effect. It is active within 4 weeks of application and thus helps crop yields in the first season. Why is liming important? • Fertilizer waste: Look at the below table. This shows how much of the Nitrogen (N), the Phosphorous (P) and the Potassium (K) in your fertilizers is actually available to the plant in the different soil pH’s. So if your soil has a pH of 5, and you apply 50 Kgs of DAP (18 N, 46 P2O5, 0 K) you are actually only giving the plant 7N and 14 P2O5- as the rest is lost/locked up. Soils at pH6 are close to doubly efficient at using the applied fertilizer. • Improves the physical structure of the soil that increases the soil’s ability to store water and promotes root better use of applied manure • Prevents Calcium, Magnesium and Molybdenum deficiency • Prevents the build up of toxic levels of Aluminium, Iron and Manganese

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