Bioxx Sachets 100gm


Bioxx Sachets* 100gm Contains stabilized Chlorine Dioxide 5000ppm When a bio sachet is exposed to moisture in the air, a low, slow concentration of chlorine dioxide gas (less than 0.1ppm) is produced. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide and odor control agent that will fight against micro-organisms and odors caused by chemical substances, mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria. Chlorine dioxide will also react with many of the odor-causing chemicals present after a fire (some of which are dangerous in their own right). Being a gas, it permeates throughout the area and will sanitise the air and products against common spoilage micro-organisms such as Botrytis, Aspergillis, Penicillium, Geotrichum, Colletotrichum, etc. Note: The chlorine dioxide gas is also an ethylene scrubber and will prevent pre-ripening of fruits and flowers. The sachets are activated by moisture in the air and work very efficiently at R.H. above 65 degrees. Air movement (e.g. blowers in cold rooms) will distribute the chlorine dioxide gas effectively. Note: Before placing the sachets in an area to be treated (e.g. a cold room, refrigerated truck, etc.), wash the area thoroughly with a good quality detergent. Then rinse and spray all surfaces with Biox 5000 solution in water.

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