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Biox 5000 is a liquid, stabilised Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). It is a broad spectrum biocide which is bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, viricidal and algaecidal. Although “chlorine” appears in the name chlorine dioxide, harmful chlorine is not involved in any of the environmentally friendly Chlorine Dioxide reaction pathways. Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Chlorite (precursor) are strictly oxidants, like other pure oxidants where oxidation occurs, not halogenation. Chlorine Dioxide is a true dissolved gas in solution. USES AS A BROAD SPECTRUM OXIDIZING BIOCIDE * Ground sanitation * Roots sanitisation * Planting of cuttings and seedlings * Sanitation of growing materials, eg. Perlite, vermiculite, peat * Leaf and fruit surface sanitation * Treatment of algae on wet walls * Hard surface sanitation * Water sanitation * Hydroponics * Surface sterilisation of bulbs, tubers and seeds * Washing fruit and vegetables * Biofilm removal from water contact surfaces, e.g. irrigation lines, drip systems, centre pivots, etc * Food and Beverage Sanitation – wash and flume water sanitization for fruits and Vegetables * CIP and COP – Processing equipment, floors, walls, crates etc. * Potable water sanitation * Cold Storage sanitation * Hydro coolers sanitation * Evaporative Coolers sanitation * Foot baths sanitation * Misting sanitation * Disinfection and deoderisation of drains, etc - all hard surfaces * Lowers BOD/COD in process water Chlorine Dioxide is used worldwide in Breweries, Dairies, Poultry and Fish Processing Plants, Abattoirs, Cooling Towers, Effluent water treatment etc. as the Biocide of choice. Chlorine Dioxide is environmentally friendly and leaves no residue on produce and/or surfaces. Features Oxidizing Biocide Easy to use Versatile Environmentally friendly Non corrosive at use levels Use at low concentrations Tolerates high bio-load in wash waters Cost effective – minimal top up Biofilm removal Benefits; Broad Spectrum Activity Activate as per simple instructions Not ph dependant. Ph2 to ph12 Saves wear and tear on equipment Cost effective. 5 to 100ppm dose rates Minimizes post harvest contamination

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