BioDeposit Elixir


BioDeposit Elixir is a plant growth enhancer containing a well balanced complex of fluvic acid, humic acid, amino acids, macro and micro elements. It is efficient in initiating plant growth and development, increasing plant immunity to diseases, stress and extreme climatic conditions, intensifies nutrient mobilization processes and improves soil physiochemical properties. In addition to these benefits; it activates growth and functioning of soil inhabiting micro-organisms, neutralizes the negative effects of pesticides treatments, reduces nitrates, radionuclides and heavy metals in plants. It also enables soil wetability and moisture retention and increases the efficiency of mineral fertilizer application. It is to be used on soils with low humus content, eroded soils, sandy, clay soil, soils disturbed due to long term irrigation, acidic soils, derno-podzolic soils and soils with damaged structures. HOW TO USE: Dissolve 1L in 2000L of water (covers 1300m2) or 10mls/20L of water (covers 13m2). Seeds to be planted are to be submerged into the solution for 12 hours before planting as it increases germination ability. It is to be used 2-3 times during vegetation period or once in 14 days and stored at storage temperatures of not more that 5-35 degree celsius for at least 12 months (validity period). PACK SIZE: It is available in a soft 12mls sachet, hard plastic hogback of 1000mls and a larger package is available upon request.

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